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"Na Rak" means Cute in Thai! 

Hi everyone, thank you so much for visiting my New Webpage!  My name is Thom and I love to make Cute Diaper Cakes and other fun crafts. That is why I chose the words "Na Rak" to be part of the website name. "Na Rak" means Cute in Thai.  I started making YouTube videos for some of my fun hobbies back in 2012. I did this for about 3 years but ended up having to take a long break because my life became too busy with full time work and many other things. I have been hoping to get back to making some fun videos again. My wish is to start making some new videos soon.  My brother Paul is helping me to build this website and we hope to make it a fun place to share my ideas in more detail.  We will be adding more and more content and features to this website as time allows us to work on it. Thank you so much for all your support, I appreciate it so much!



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