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Thom's 4x4 Jeep Diaper Cake


Thom's 4x4 Jeep Diaper Cake is a super fun diaper cake to make for boys or girls. It is the perfect diaper cake to make for those parents who love to go out on the 4x4 trails or just love being in the outdoors. This diaper cake is a little more challenging to to make because you must make the frame, axels and other parts from foamboard. Nothing too hard, but a little more involved to make it. The reward of seeing the finished Jeep is well worth the effort. Also please note that this diaper cake is a little bigger than most of the others.  Also fun for anyone who just wants to make an awesome gift to stand out at the next Baby Shower! Taking the time to make a fun gift like this can help show the parents how much you care. Give it a try, you will be amazed at how good it looks and how fun it is to make!

4x4 Jeep Diaper Cake Tutorial Video

Free PDF Plan
(Click PDF icon to Download)

Items needed to make the 4x4 Jeep Diaper Cake:

4 Flannel Receiving Blankets
1 Cotton Baby Blanket 30x40 inches
2 Small Baby Bottles

2 Baby Pacifiers

109 Size 1 Diapers

3 Pairs of Baby Socks

1 Small Dishwasher Basket
1 Roll of 3-Inch Ribbon (ZigZag Pattern)
2 Rolls of 1/2-Inch Ribbon

5 Cloth Flowers

4 Rolls of Decorative Paper Tape (Washi Tape)

2 Sheets of 30x20 inch Foamboard (Get at Dollar Store for $1)

1 Pack of Fuzzy Pipe Cleaners

1 or 2  Small Plush Animals

1 Pack of Small Felt Flowers (Optional for Tail Lights)

Tape, Scissors, Rubber Bands, Hot Glue Gun, Cutting Knife

Below are some helpful links to items on Amazon that show examples of what can be used to make the 4x4 Jeep Diaper Cake:

Receiving Blankets

30x40 Cotton Blanket

Baby Bottles


Fuzzy Pipe Cleaners

Cloth Flowers

Paper Tape

Colorful Baby Socks

3-Inch Zig Zag Ribbon

1/2-Inch Ribbon

Dishwasher Basket

Plush Monkey


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