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Thom's Wagon Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake Wagon 019.JPG

Thom's Wagon Diaper Cake is a fun diaper cake to make for boys or girls. This Diaper Cake is cute and goes great with any Baby Shower theme. You can have fun choosing different color combinations and accessories to give it your own unique look.  It really makes a cute Diaper Cake that everyone will be love at the next Baby Shower!  By taking the time to make a fun and beautiful gift like this it can help show the parents how much you care. Give it a try, you will be happily surprised at how good it looks and how fun it is to make!

Wagon Diaper Cake Tutorial Video

Items needed to make the Wagon Diaper Cake:

50 Size 2 Diapers
5  Flannel Receiving Blankets
1  Roll 1-1/2 inch Ribbon
1  Roll 2-1/2 Inch Ribbon
1  Teething Ring Toy
4  Clip-On Cloth Flowers
1  Pack of Felt Flowers

1 Sheet of Dollar Store Foamboard, 20x30 inches

1  Plush Animal Toy (Optional)

Any Accessories you want to add

Other Items needed:
Tape, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun & Rubber bands

Below are some helpful links to items on Amazon that show examples of what can be used to make the Wagon Diaper Cake:

Receiving Blankets

Teething Ring

Clip On Flower

1-1/2 Inch Ribbon

Size 2 Diapers

2-1/2 Inch Ribbon

Plush Toy

Felt Flowers

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